Boffin Lite


More than 50
types of components

Boffin magnetic kit is versatile thanks to large selection of components. Each set includes small all purpose computer and LCD display. That is not all, further interesting components include a speaker, microphone and photo-resistor (for light and dark sensing). But that is still not everything, continue reading and find out more.

8 to 99 years

Age isn't a limiting factor with this kit. Playing and learning new things is important all life. All projects that you can assemble are both fun and educational. You are going to learn basics of electronics thanks to this kit and that also means you are going to understand the world around you better.

More than

With components included in basic set, you can build more than 200 projects. Included brochure illustrates projects from the easiest ones, that will teach you how the individual components work, to more complicated ones, where you will be bale to build a Gameboy, light sensor, measuring devices and much more.

Magnetic pad

is made of 3 parts and it is unique technology that brings together magnetism and conductive surfaces. Project can be assembled on both side, both from the back and front and you can get an area bigger than A4 paper this way. Alternatively, you can buy another pad and stack onto each other using pillars.

What modules are available?

How electric circuits work?

Reviews about us

Electrified entertainment. The idea behind the assembly is to make electric circuits with ease on the base plate so that you can make the buzzer buzz, LEDs shine, motors spin and so on.

With the Boffin Magnetic assembly kit, kids can learn the basics of electronics and physics in a simple and fun way.

I was afraid that my son might be autistic" says a worried mother of an incredibly talented child." With Boffin magnetic, he can use his potential and learn quickly and playfully.