Boffin Lite

Boffin magnetic Lite has 30 basic components and they will enable you creating more than 150 interesting projects. It is a perfect kit for understanding the basics of electrical engineering, which surrounds us all. In each package you will find a textbook that will guide you from the simplest connections to the most complex. Thanks to our kit, the child (pupil, student) learns in a fun way what each component can do and what it is used for.

Boffin large set

Large set contains 58 different components with which you can create more than 200 projects. This product is a great choice for learning the basics of electronics, and for developing your logic skills in a fun and entertaining way. For example, you can make your own MP3 player, thermometer, shade sensitive lights, or even a working gaming console.
It’s a great choice for an original Christmas gift.

NE555 set

In this extension set, you'll find 22 pieces of components for making circuits with the most well known integrated circuit called NE555. With this circuit, you can make more than 50 different projects like timers or simulations of sounds. With this set, you'll have a lot of fun.

Conductive bridge set

This extension set contains 30 pieces of conductive bridges of different sizes. These are a necessity for those of you who want to make new circuits that are not in the basic set. It also comes in handy with other sets, like the LED lights. We are already looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with.

LED diode set

In this extension set, you will find 12 LED lights in 4 different colors (White, Blue, Red, Green). With these, you can start making interesting project that light up, such a game dice to test the reflexes of multiple players, or even light effects for music that is currently playing.

Buttons set

This extension set comes with 10 pieces of buttons and other regulators and switches. With it, you'll be able to use your Boffin basic set to create things like a calculator, magnetic gates, and other great projects.

AAA batteries

Classic AAA batteries. Package contains 4 pieces for which we guarantee compatibility with Boffin Magnetic. Batteries are not rechargeable. Batteries are required for every Boffin Magnetic assembly. Operation time depends on the use case. But usually they last around 6-10 hours of non-stop fun.