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My phone can't read the QR code on the Boffin Advent calendar

This sometimes happens, here is a list of manuals for each day:

Day1  ║ Day2  ║ Day3  ║ Day4  ║ Day5  ║ Day6  ║ Day7  ║ Day8  ║ Day9  ║ Day10
Day21Day22Day23Day24 ║       ║       ║       ║       ║       ║       ║

I would like to update games on my arduino.

Go to our Github page and download SD, copy all the files to the SD card in your arduino.

How do all parts (components) connect to each other?

Every component is equipped with a special conductive contact on a spring and a also with a magnet. Individual components stick to each other thanks to this magnet and through the spring contact, conductive connection is established.

I am loosing conatact or there is no conductive connetions between the parts. What should I do?

If this happens to you, most likely cause is dirt or grease on contacts . Just clean them with a cloth or better is to degrease it with washing-up liquid

What type of batteries should I buy for Boffin magnetic kit?

We recommend buying batteries found on our eshop for a great price. But, you can use any other AAA type batteries. It is standard size and you are going to need at least 4 cells.

Are the batteries included with the kit?

AAA batteries aren't included in the box and you need to buy them directly on our eshop or any local store around you that sells them.

What should I do if damaged one of the components or modules?

Every module can be bought directly on our eshop . Alternatively, you can contact our customer support, we will be happy to help you solve your problem.

My display or LEDs are constantly getting dimmer. What should I do?

Your batteries are probably low on charge, just replace them with new ones and enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun.

I would like to look at, or improve the code of arduino programs.

Check out our Github, where you can find source codes for all the arduino programs.

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